front_pic.jpgAustralia has an ageing population that is growing at an ever increasing rate, along with demands for health care services that is not sustainable. 

The Australian Government is seeking to maximise preventative health care and Reablement to optimize outcomes for care recipients and avoid unnecessary progression to more intensive, higher cost services.

There is growing evidence to support the benefits of a Reablement Approach.

There are 3 online units and one practical unit to complete before you can be assessed as safely competent in using a Reablement Approach.

These units are as follows:

  • Unit 1   The Philosophy of Reablement
  • Unit 2   The Theory of Reablement
  • Unit 3   The Process of Reablement
  • Unit 4   Reablement in Practice

 We welcome feedback on this course and wish you well with your studies. 

Please start your training by navigating through the units listed:

Reablement Strategies : Unit 1

Reablement Strategies : Unit 2

Reablement Strategies : Unit 3

Reablement Strategies : Unit 4